Smokefree.gov (online resource, by National Cancer Institute)
CADCA's Rx Abuse Prevention Toolkit  (online resource, by CADCA)
Trusted Websites   for Drug and Alcohol Awareness (PDF, by CAP member)
Easy to Read Drug Facts   (online resource, by NIDA)
Mind Over Matter for grades 5-9   (English) (online resource, by NIDA)
Mind Over Matter for grades 5-9 (Spanish) (online resource, by NIDA)
NIDA Drug Publications   (online resource, by NIDA)

Famous Fliers  (PPT, by CAP)
Inhalants   (PPT, by CAP member)
Teaching Packets: 
Brain and Actions of Cocaine, Opiates, Marijuana   (by NIDA)
Teaching Packets: 
Neurobiology of Drug Addiction   (by NIDA)
Teaching Packets: 
Understanding Drug Abuse & Addiction: What Science Says   (by NIDA)
Teaching Packets: 
Neurobiology of Ecstasy (MDMA) (by NIDA)
Teaching Packets: 
Bringing the Power of Science to Bear on Drug Abuse & Addiction (by NIDA)

        Drug Fact Sheets (PDF, by DEA)

Are You the One?  (WMV, by CAP member)
Just Think Twice   (online, by DEA)
Just Think Twice 
Teacher's Guide  (PDF, by DEA)
Get Smart About Drugs   (online, by DEA)
Parenting is Prevention  Video Series (online, by Elks USA)
What's Going On?  (YouTube video, by Elks USA)
World's Most Dangerous Drug   (YouTube video, by National Geographic)
Drugs Inc.  (YouTube video, by National Geographic)
Family Feud - Name Things People Pass Around