Louisiana Wing 
                                        Summer Encampment 2018
                                              Current info for 2018

 Encampment date 14 - 24 June 2018.

Due by 15 March (All Staff): 2018 lawgencampment application.pdf  (Coming soon)

Request for C/Command Staff Consideration From:   CLICK HERE

Request for Cadet Line & Support Staff Form:   CLICK HERE

Request for Senior Staff Consideration:   CLICK HERE


Important dates for Cadet Staff
1 Feb                = COMMAND STAFF ONLY - Request for consideration form due
10 Feb              = Announcement of C/Command Staff
20 Feb              = COMMAND STAFF ONLY - Request for consideration form due
15 Mar              = Announcement of C/Staff
1 April              = C/Staff Application due (once selected)   
14 June             = Report between 0900 - 1100

Cadet Cadre and Senior Staff Applicants

2018 Encampment Application - NEW FILLABLE VERSION    (Coming Soon)
Required Equipment List: Coming Soon

Please note:
    11-14 June  - RCLS students only 
    16 - 24 June - Encampment participants (24th Graduation)   

C/Staff & Senior Staff
    11th - Limited staff will report to assist RCLS set-up and                       transportation (seniors)
    14th - Remaining Staff arrival
 Welcome to the Louisiana Wing Summer Encampment webpage. For simplicity of viewing, there are two additional pages (two added soon) broken into two categories. Click on the link that pertains to your encampment group to go your your specific page. Keep checking these pages for any updates that may occur. Pay particular attention to dates/deadlines as well as new important changes to the required equipment / packing list. 

Click here for Cadet / Senior staff encampment page:  Staff Webpage
Click here for 1st year and Advance Flight cadets:1st year & Advance Flight Cadets webpage

                    Senior Command Staff

Encampment Commander :  LtCol  V. Santana
Deputy Commander:  LtCol G. Levesque
Executive Officer:  
Commandant:  Maj. R. Hicks
Deputy CoC:  

LAWG Guide/Continuity book for Encampment Commander & Staff
Click here: 
Encampment Commander Book

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