This page is for informational purposes and will continuously be updated as needed through the encampment. 

 If you would like to contact us or send a motivational email to your cadet, we have established an email account  the will be checked daily. Please note that some cadets do get home sick the first two days so if emailing a cadet please make it up beat and motivational for them.
 Please do not allow your cadet to drink soda's at least two weeks prior to encampment. Also, it is highly recommended that your cadet go to bed around 9pm a week before to get use to our 9pm lights out requirement. They will have 8 hours of sleep time each night.

Medical: Please make sure that all medical forms have all information so that our Administration Officer can review and help your cadet have a safe and healthy experience during encampment. All Medical issues are directed to Medical professionals such as Clinics, Hospitals, etc.


                                       ***During Encampment***
                           Email address:   [email protected]

                          Emergency Phone number:   318-540-4867 

              ****** Click here for 2018 encampment Pictures   ******* 

23 June at Barksdale AFB  time will be 10:00 am.  This is located at the encampment site.
Note: It is on Base. Passes may be required to drive on Post.

***** The graduation / Pass-in-Review will be outdoors, you are welcome to bring lawn chairs.


              Comming once encampment starts

Phones: Cadets will not be allowed to have cellphones but in an emergency you will be able to call our emergency number or for non-emergency you can email us. 

Updates: Coming once encampment starts

Note: If you would like to see where your cadet is lodging, please let your Squadron commander's know and we will try to arrange a quick tour for you.
For other information please visit our other encampment web pages on this site.