Regional Cadet Leadership School
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                                                                                 Camp Minden, Louisiana

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INTRODUCTION Program Goal: To develop in cadets the Phase III leadership skills (indirect leadership) outlined in the cadet regulation’s Leadership Expectations (ref: CAPR 60-1, chapter 2). 

Eligibility: Because RCLS addresses skills relating to indirect leadership and company-grade cadet officer topics, participating cadets need to be cadet officers or cadets on the cusp of officership. Therefore, students attending RCLS should have completed an encampment and hold the grade of C/MSgt or higher. 

Duration: At least 24 hours of instruction. 11 - 14 June 2018. 
 Graduation Requirements. As with other activities, cadets must satisfactorily complete at least 80% of the program to graduate, as judged by the activity director. 


                                    CURRICULUM OUTLINE 

1. Officership & Character 5 hrs 
1.1 Leading for Core Values 
1.2 Leadership in Safety 
1.3 Officership & Professional Standards 
1.4 Cadet Staff Roles & Responsibilities 
1.5 Drug Demand Reduction 

2. Communication Skills 3 hrs 
2.1 Effective Writing 
2.2 Public Speaking Fundamentals 
2.3 Exercise: The Briefing 

3. Interpersonal Relations 5 hrs 
3.1 Mentoring 
3.2 Coaching 
3.3 Supervision & Discipline 
3.4 Myers-Briggs Type Indicator 
3.5 Conducting Leadership Feedback 

4. Critical & Creative Thinking 4 hrs 
4.1 Principles of Critical Thinking 
4.2 Leadership & Creativity 
4.3 Project Management 

5. Leadership Theory 3 hrs 
5.1 Servant Leadership 
5.2 Situational Leadership 
5.3 Leading Indirectly Through Delegation 

6. Electives hours vary At discretion of activity director 

7. Administrative / Non-Academic 1.5 hrs 
7.1 Welcome Briefing 
7.2 Course Critiques 
7.3 Graduation

The 2018 Southwest Region Cadet Leadership School is a course in officership, indirect leadership, and other themes consistent with CAP's leadership expectations for Phase III cadets.  This academy will make use of Camp Minden (LA Army National Guard) and Barksdale AFB.  

Location:  Camp Minden, LA
Dates:  June 11 - 14, 2018
Cost:  Cadets - $75.00 (Lowest in the Nation)
           Seniors - $50

Course prerequisites:
- At least 13 years of age
- C/MSgt or above
- Completion credit for an encampment as a Basic/Student

Required paperwork:
- CAPF 31
- CAPF 160
- CAPF 161
- CAPF 163

Registration will be completed through the Eventbrite website at:  CLICK HERE

Send all inquiries to the Activity Director (Lt Col James D. Peace, CAP) at  [email protected].