Cadet Wing Staff Position Description

Wing Cadet Commander:

Oversees the squadron commanders by providing guidance and support to the Squadron Cadet Commanders.

The Cadet Wing Commander shall:
-Assist in establishing plans and procedures to accomplish the policies established by the
Wing Commander and/or Wing DCP.
-Assist in coordinating wing cadet activities.
-Direct other Wing Cadet Staff Officers.
-Coordinate with Director of Cadet Programs in support of Wing Goals .
-Serves as liaison between Senior and Cadet Staff leadership.
-Ensures compliance with CAP directives.
-Make Cadet Wing Staff assignment recommendations.
-Wg C/CC shall be in monthly communication with their Wing Staff and will be responsible for insuring Sq Cadet CC's are kept informed of all upcoming activities, events and Wing meetings.
-Will work closely with the Wing CAC Chairperson in order to stay informed on all CAC task / planning.
-Will be required to make a yearly Cadet Programs report from the cadet view during the annual Wing Conference.
-Required to remain active in in their Squadron and Wing.
-Must be able to lead by example in appearance and customs and courtesies.
-Will assist in the planning of Wing CTEP Program.
-Will assist in the selection of Wing Encampment Commander.
-Wing Cadet Commander will report to the Director of Cadet Programs.
-The Cadet Commander should be familiar with CAPR 52-16 and 39-1.

Wing Cadet Command Chief:

Responsibilities of the Wing Command Chief
- Maintain liaison with Wing Cadet Commander, Wing Cadet Staff and all Wing NCO's- Advise the Wing Cadet Commander on quality-of-life issues and concerns of the NCO's in Louisiana Wing.
- Oversee NCO program as directed by the Wing C/CC.
- Participate in the Wing Cadet Recruiting and Retention Program. Provide support to all Squadron Level Cadet Leadership.
- Work to ensure that promotion ceremonies are being accomplished at all squadrons as directed by the Wg C/CC.
- Advise the Wing Cadet Commander concerning awards, decorations, and recognition programs to insure cadets are being recognized.
- Forward all concerns and issues to Wing C/CC as soon as they are known.
- May represent Wg C/CC at meetings as directed by the C/CC.
- Responsible for sending out notification by the C/CC
-Will assist in CTEP, by either instructing or recruiting highly qualified cadet instructors as well as promoting participation in ALS and NCOS.
- Other duties as assigned y Wg C/CC